The beautiful Flint Hills, a scary green tornado sky, and the good people at Wichita’s prominent Full
Service Station, KFH, are the things that Charlie Warren recalls most about his short tenure as
Afternoon Drive Personality in Wichita. The station was owned by the Kassebaum family, whose first
lady, Nancy Landon Kassebaum, represented Kansas in the U. S. Senate..


While at KFH Charlie encouraged his fellow on-air personalities to join him in a conservation effort called
“Put A Brick In Your Tank.”  The DJ’s headshot photos were imprinted on bricks which listeners were
encouraged to put in their toilet tanks to help save water.

On Stage Again

Charlie performed on stage as The Player in the Wichita Community Theater presentation of
“Adaptation.” (coverage: Wichita Eagle and Beacon)

John Denver

His most memorable on-air chat at KFH was with the man who had “Sunshine On His Shoulders,” John
Denver, prior to his appearance in Wichita.

With change in the wind at KFH, Charlie looked southeast.  To see what happened next go to
Ft. Lauderdale.
Wichita, Kansas
Copyright Charlie Warren
A lonely tree
framed by a
railroad trestle in
the southeastern
Kansas Flint Hills