by Charlie Warren &
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Charlie's Presidents' Day special has aired in New York State,
Nevada, Washington State, Alaska, Ohio, Montana, Iowa, Texas, Virginia, and California.
Charlie Warren develops RADIO SPECIALS for public stations,  
distributed and licensed through
Public Radio Exchange.
Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Indiana, Alaska, Iowa, Ohio, Texas,
New Mexico, Kansas, Nevada, California, Montana, New Hampshire, Alabama,
Illinois, Mississippi, Washington, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Arizona, Virgina,

Wyoming, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota,
and New York
Boston, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Albany, Norfolk, Syracuse, and Seattle
                                         and in cities and towns in:
With a unique mix of News, History, Humor, and Music Variety, his programs have
aired on news and music stations in major and medium markets such as:
Radio Program Producer