UFOs and Shovels

As one of his many contests, Charlie had his audience send in photos in his “Snow
Shovel Beauty Contest.”  Listeners’ shovels were decked out in anything from bikinis to
Santa suits.  The winner appeared in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Also at WWSW, he
issued his all-important “UFO Boarding Pass,” so his listeners wouldn’t have to drive the

Charlie’s favorite interviews at WWSW were with the climber who scaled the outside of
the World Trade Center, famed Steeler quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, Mel Blanc (the
voice of Bugs Bunny and tons more), Clayton Moore (the TV Lone Ranger), and singing
sensation, Johnny Mathis.

His chats each morning with WWSW News Anchor, Adam Lynch, and Sports Reporter
and former Pirate pitcher, Nellie King, were some of Charlie’s favorite moments.

To The Country Again

In broadcasting “they” say, “the only thing consistent is change,” and so it was again
with Charlie.  After about four years at WWSW, he was hired as Operations Manager at
Country Music WIXZ (now WPTT).

Among the many on-air promotions Charlie created was “I Love My Truck,” a decorating
contest named after Glen Campbell’s hit song.  Fire trucks, 18 wheelers, pickups (one
with no tires) decked out in their finest, all showed up at a local mall, along with the TV
crew from WPXI-TV, Ch 11.  With promotions like this, and new programming features
like the evening request show, WIXZ’s audience increased dramatically.

A Morning Show calls again.  This time in Providence.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Copyright Charlie Warren
From Art to Air

Charlie never imagined as an Industrial Design major at Carnegie Mellon University, and Program
Director at the college station, WRCT-AM, that he would ever return to his home town on one
of Pittsburgh’s best-known radio stations.  After all, upon graduation he was headed for
Dearborn, Michigan as an auto stylist.  
But after a major career leap from design to radio,
and a few years of "broadcast bouncing" around
the country, in 1978 Charlie returned to
Pittsburgh.  His wife Linda says he likes Pittsburgh
because, “It looks like a model train layout.”
As Morning Personality on Adult Contemporary
WWSW he regularly broadcast comedy sketches
including his popular series “The Clone Ranger” and
skits starring President Jimmy Carter (the voice by
Carnegie Museum and Carnegie Mellon
University from the top of the University
of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning.  
Copyright Charlie Warren
The Nice What?

For Steeler fans he created a companion for their
“Terrible Towels” called “The Nice Washcloth.”
(trademark Charlie Warren)  Once listeners received
theirs, photos began arriving in Charlie’s mailbox of
the many practical uses for “The Nice Washcloth;”
as armrest covers on sofas, for instance.
The Westinghouse
Bridge in East