The challenges to drivers in Western New York winters can
be intense.  Charlie’s listeners helped track down road
monsters as members of his “Pot Hole Patrol” or “PHOP!”
Buffalo, New York
The Blizzard of '77

At Charlie Warren's farewell in Ft. Lauderdale, the WFTL
management gave him an engraved award entitled
“The Most Daring Northern Migration.”
Hide In Plain Sight

Later that year, James Caan’s movie “Hide In Plain Sight,” was
being filmed in Buffalo and MGM needed 1960s cars to appear in
the movie.  So Charlie mounted a campaign to get his listeners
into the picture.  MGM picked 100 vintage cars from Charlie’s
audience, and five listeners actually got to drive in the movie.
(coverage: The Buffalo Courier-Express)


It was at WBEN that Charlie had his second chat with Bob Hope,
and an in-depth interview with songwriter and musician, Gordon
Lightfoot, in which Gord revealed that the inspiration for his hit
song “The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald,” was an article in
Newsweek magazine.

The Golden Triangle

After only eight months in Buffalo, Charlie’s hometown
beckoned. "Hi,
Pittsburgh, I'm back!"
For it was after the infamous “Blizzard of “77,” as quoted in
an article in The Buffalo Courier-Express, that Charlie was
“lured” from Ft. Lauderdale to do the Afternoon Show at
Full Service Adult Contemporary WBEN-AM.

The Winter of '78

During his first day on the air Charlie had to read school
closings; names of towns and schools he had never seen.  
Ever have to pronounce Athol Springs or Cheektowaga?