Commercial Clients
Technology firm Frontier Solutions Inc., West Chester, Pennsylvania
Industrial distributor
Bolton Equipment, Hancock, New Hampshire
Broadcast programmer
Carson Radio Services, Providence, Rhode Island
Rail company
Transportation Management Services, Woodbridge, Virginia
Broadcast company
CapCities/ABC, Washington, DC
Television station,
WPRI-TV Channel 12, Providence, RI
Linda Warren
Illustrator &
Graphic Artist
Charlie Warren designs for and advises clients
regarding logos, billboards, brochures, postcards,
posters, and print ads.  He will also illustrate special
projects upon request.
Artrain USA, Ann Arbor, Michigan
American Cancer Society, Rhode Island Division
Charlie Warren
Copyright Charlie Warren
Street Banner
Illustration for TV Special
Letterhead Logo
Children's Book Demo
Charlie Warren
Copyright Charlie Warren
Copyright Charlie Warren
Children's Book Demo
Home Illustration Samples
All Material Designed or Illustrated
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BFA in Industrial Design - Carnegie Mellon University
Illustration training - Rhode Island School of Design
"I love jam!"